Pictures from the past...

Lake View School

This collection of photos are of the Lake View School class of 1929-1930.  The teacher, Laura Popke wrote the names of the class on the back of the photo.  The students in the photos were identifies as follows:

Louis and Lloyd Showers

Joe Ledick

Tom Harveaux

Mary Jane Albright

Alice Golchie

Catherine Ledick

Vergil Bull

Alvin Conlon

Rosaline Conlin

Norman Wilde

Helen Ball

Evelyn Wilde

Pictures from the 2015 Codger Game...

A new roof on the school house!


MIHPA Board of Directors

  Cile Naumann- President

  Ric Gillman- Vice President

  Kathy Wroblewski- Treasurer

  Anne Lacy- Secretary

  Susan Flores

  Jim Peters and Diane Jenkins

  Anne Lacy

  Sheri Milburn

  Mary McHugh

  Birdie Pallas